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We are professional window cleaners and provide a window cleaning service in areas throughout Hertfordshire including Hitchin.

Our commercial service uses high reach equipment that consist of telescopic poles which means we can clean normally hard to reach windows in offices, apartment blocks, hotels, care homes, nursing homes, shops and retail showrooms.

Our high reach and high-level cleaning work involves using water-fed poles and cherry pickers where required to allow us to clean windows up to multiple storeys high.

If you need a reliable, professional commercial window cleaning service in the Hitchin area then please give us a call. We can schedule all work to suit your requirements.

We also clean industrial units and external roofing, plus any hard to reach signage or cladding that you may need cleaning.

How do we clean your windows?

Our highly-trained window cleaners use something called a Water Fed Pole System combined with pure water.  The system is van mounted and has large tanks for pure water storage bolted to the chassis so there is no need to use your water.

We use the same methods for all of our customers unless traditional window cleaning is a better alternative method.

How Does the Water Fed Pole System Work?

Our water fed pole system uses de-ionised water, which means the water has had all impurities removed before we use it to clean your windows. If we used normal tap water then your window glass would dry spotted and streaky and eventually be covered in limescale. That is why we use filtered water.

Cleaning with filtered water also has other benefits such as providing a longer lasting clean and being eco-friendly. The high reach telescopic poles we use also make it safer to clean windows from the ground and make it easier clean the window frames and sills as well.

As customer satisfaction is our top priority you can be sure of high quality, professional service at all times.

High reach window cleaning
Cladding cleaning work in Stevenage

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CGH Window Cleaning operate in Hitchin and Stevenage, as well as Letchworth, Welwyn Garden City and locations throughout the region of  Hertfordshire

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